North Node in the Fourth House

North Node in the Fourth House

North Node in Fourth House

Ruled by CANCER

The House of FAMILY & ANCESTRY.. assume you are in a position of authority and control....

Be aware of your motives for any goal.....

You can't control everything and this is part of the lesson for 4th House North Node People.....YOU CANT CONTROL AND SHOULDN'T TRY TO CONTROL EVERYTHING.......


Acts of Kindness are Rewarded Far More Than Selfish Acts...this is especially true of the NORTH NODE 4th HOUSE peeps..


If you are pursuing something for the sake of recognition, to make yourself appear more valuable , or portray some kin doc validity about yourself..... then you will surely be unlucky. 


When you act for the sake of your own happiness, to further a healthy home life or to nourish your own emotional growth, good luck will follow, for this is your karmic path.


The fourth house is the house of home and family.


This is the house that relates to the sign of Cancer, and its Latin motto
genitor translates to “parent”, as if it was on a mission to show the importance of one person that made us feel at home, no matter if it is our actual parent or simply – ourselves.


Serene domestic surroundings, solitude, and privacy are good for your soul...


Things to Work on for 4th House North Node....

Being able to deal emotionally with disturbances at home in a communicative way
Learn to express yourself and share your emotions
Dont bury yourself in work or other distractions
Take time to connect at home--through gardening, cooking, etc

Family ties seem to bind 4th House NN people more tightly than planets and Nodes posited in other aware that the influences you experienced as a child, growing up are still heavily influencing you today...probably more than most other Node Aspected Houses the 4th is ALL ABOUT FAMILY...