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North Node in the Sixth House

North Node in the Sixth House

Past Life: You are experienced at seeing the big picture and avoiding tedious details by getting lost in large projects or groups of people.
Your Past Life is always pulling you back into the 12th House or Pisces ways.

Current Life Mission: You need to learn how to develop focus and see things through in their entirety from beginning to end.
Your Current Life: Pushes you into the 6th House or Virgo ways.

The 6th House Represents:

  •  the carrier of health and physiological issues and conditions in this lifetime.
  • It is the state of our body with its energy and stamina defined by the first house.
  • our presumptions need to find confirmation through the intensity of problems or qualities of the Ascendant and its ruler, for they give out the first physical image and our primal, animalistic strengths and weaknesses.
  • the sixth house of a natal chart is a place of routine that provides us with good nutrition, health, and satisfaction
  • corresponding to the sign of Virgo
  • speaking of our practical, everyday life


The sixth house is a house of routine, tasks and duties that we take care of every day, our job and our ability to value our work, especially in connection to the second house.

You may have a secret desire to become a medical doctor, natural healer, nutritionist, or nurse, for your know there is healing power within you. 

Good luck with small animals is also indicated in the north node in 6th house nodal placement.


This house is the house of SERVICE TO OTHERS.....