House Protection

House Protection

Our home is our sacred space; a place we should feel safe and secure in. When energies are out of alignment or negative/disruptive manifestations are present we can not feel safe and secure. Here are a couple of quick, simple ways to protect and cleanse your living space. 

Four Jar Protection

What you'll need:
4 jars with lids
dried lavender
dried basil
sea salt
white rice

First ~ clean the house. This will help remove low vibe energies. 

Second ~ put a scope of each ingredient into all four jars. Say or mentally envision your protective intention over each jar. I would recommend speaking something along these lines:

I protect my home.
My ancestors and ascended masters protect my home. Negative energy is gone and not welcome here.
This home is sacred and pure.
Envisioning a white light surrounding the perimeter of the home is beneficial also.

Place one at each direction - North - South - East - West. 

These will hold indefinitely but if you feel that something is amiss, simply do this ritual again with fresh ingredients.