Spiritual Protection: Purify with Salt

Spiritual Protection: Purify with Salt

Protection Spell:

Circle of Salt One of the easiest and most useful spells is one for protection.

This spell works to protect your home and everyone in it from spiritual invasion or harm... It also works to diffuse negative energies from entering your space. Here's what you'll need: salt concentration Full Moon

Spell Steps: When you have your salt ready, go outside of your home preferably on a Full Moon, and start at your front door.

Move in a clockwise motion --from your front door around your house, and slowly sprinkle salt around the perimeter of your home. Take care not to pour salt on any ornamental plants and avoid grass as much as possible.

While you are doing this, state out loud " protect this home and all who reside here. Keep out those who seek to harm, protect us from negativity, anger, and fear."

You'll also want to actively visualize a circle of protection around your home as you do this.

Repeat this phrase and continue to circle the house in salt until you end up where you started - at the front door.

Next, say out loud "this house is protected from negative energies and forces. As I will it, so shall it be."